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One of the most important and forward looking features of the neo900 is the ability to plug in add on modules to add features beyond what is included on the board.
I want to start the ball rolling on one plug-in feature that I think will really enhance the liberty and privacy of the users.
A receiver unit for commercial one way pagers or beepers.
With a paging network receiver a user can safely call forward to his paging service number and turn off the tracked always GSM modem relying on notification via pager plugin of all calls made to his phone.
A simple app could keep track of received pages display alphanumeric pages along with SMSs and with a touch on the phone number could at the Neo900 user's discretion either send DTMF tones over the external speakers to a pay or landline phone or alternatively turn on the GSM modem to make a call over the mobile network.
I imagine an appropriate receiver module could be made by harvesting the circuitry from old POCSAG pagers, VHF or 900mhz, and adding a USB to serial module to interface with the Neo900 plugin interface, though I am not sure about power use.
This development would be a major turn toward freedom and privacy for those of us who have never been comfortable wearing an always-on warrantless tracking device that we have to pay a monthly fee to maintain disguised in the form of a mobile phone.

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yes, absolutely feasible. you hoock up the pager's "ringtone" to the expansopn connector IRQ line and you need some - probably low bandwidth - interface for payload data to either the USB or I2C interface of expansion connector (not implying that either of those signals will be guaranteed to make it into our final design, for now that's just plans).
Depending on channel/band and modulation of the pager service and depending on the FMRX chip we will have on Neo900, you may get away with a software solution that doesn't need any hw-expansion.


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I think pager on VHF is in the 150-160mhz, UHF in the 400mhz band, and the 900mhz band range, there is also some paging services that piggyback on FM broadcast radio via
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cool idea for a jolla toh as well!

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