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i use alfa ap use 64bit ASCII wep key :weiqi
i input
"iwconfig wlan1 key s:weiqi"
but it output
"Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A) :

SET failed on device wlan1 ; Operation not supported.
2.i close key and i input
iwconfig wlan1 key off
/sbin/udhcpc -n -q -i wlan1
but it output
"sending discover..."
"sending discover..."
"sending discover..."
lease failed:
no lease,failing

3.can i connect use wpa-prs key ap
Thanks in advance

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i close the key and input ”ifconfig wlan1 up“ can connect myap
and i input ”/sbin/udhcpc -n -q -i wlan1“ can have ip
but i can‘t found DUMMY
how can i creative DUMMY?
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linuxeventually are you online???
how can i know your e-mail address
i very very admire you
i hope you will reply as soon as possible
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Anyone got a working link to this driver?
love thy noki
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EDIT: Direct link:

Sorry. I am currently unable to host my NAS and thus the files I had hosted are unavailable, sorry.

Mirrored @ (feel free to mirror it elsewhere):

You should also note that in addition to the drivers you need a "power injector" like I have outlined in other threads and wiki see: and

Furthermore, while airodump-ng will work (with injection!) great, connecting to APs with the usb wifi on the N810 is EXTREMELY unreliable and I would go so far as to say unusable (it connects about 1/50 times) due to DHCP issues and something about the compiled drivers slows down the N810 to a crawl causing lock-ups and thus I highly discourage loading the drivers on boot. I am hoping I can get gnome NetworkManager to compile someday and that it will fix some of the issues.

If anyone has a solution to connecting reliably (ifconfig && iwconfig && udhcpc sucks) please post.

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Excuse me, that wasn't a public link to the box >_< silly me
is public AFAIK. If you have any problems PM or reply.

The Following User Says Thank You to linuxeventually For This Useful Post:
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Awesome work. I've been trying to get my rtl8171 to work with my n770 forever without success. Every time I actually get the module to compile and I think it's going to work, it just crashes the card I'm running Os2007HE and trying to figure out which toolchain, kernel, and headers to use is so confusing. If someone could build a working module for a 770 I would worship them forever
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rtl8171 a typo? (I'm not aware of such a chipset and this thread is about the rtl8187)
I assume ( informed me that someone downloaded the packages) you are the one that downloaded the "drivers"/kernel modules. It should be noted that the driver causes major instability when loaded and that it's only realistically usable for wardriving. Sorry. Also I am not the one that compiled this module, it was qwerty12 if I recall correctly.
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Hi got it compiled for N900, maemo5 and titan's power-kernel v46...

insmoded ok

but r8187.ko fails to insmod
insmod: error inserting 'r8187.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

sameone got this problem?, any clue?

Posibily ive done some mistake, could some try to recompile it for titan's power-kernel v46?
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What does dmesg say when the insmod fails?

alfa, external, r8187, rtl8187, wifi

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