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Wormux project was renamed to WarMUX and now first official WarMUX version 11.01 has been released. WarMUX is open source Worms style team game.

This time Maemo support is fully integrated to upstream source. WarMUX is now available for other mobile platforms Android and Symbian too.

I'm hoping that this thread replaces all other Wormux related threads.

- Name and numbering change!
- Android port
- Symbian^3 port (number of characters/teams subject to memory constraint)
- More toonesque than ever characters! Cuteness not considered a weapon
- New maps: Japan-themed "ninja", nature-themed "Birds" and
Space-themed "urban heights"
- Increased number of teams playable in a single game to 8
- Massive memory optimizations, and 16 bits-per-pixel rendering
- Massive speed optimization allowing better gameplay
- Help is now much richer; please help us translate it even more!
- Widget in options menu to edit keybindings
- Kinetic scrolling to browse the map
- Traditional in-game toolbar clickable, click wind indicator to
display touch controls!
- Improved minimap: now displays boxes, can be resized, can be clicked
to move around faster
- Custom teams

WarMUX for Maemo5 is available from Extras repository Download

WarMUX for OS2008 is available from Extras repository Download

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Originally Posted by mikkov View Post
- Massive speed optimization allowing better gameplay
Played a few games yesterday and it is working great!!
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Thanks a lot, works great!
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Whaou, work s very fast now, compare to wormux, congrats and thanks!
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splendid! must got out and try it right away.
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Don't forget to vote on testing page.

ps. WarMUX for Symbian has beed updated to be compatible with S60v5 phones too.
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Downloading now
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WarMUX 11.04 is ready for testing!

-Replay functionality! Still a bit unstable and version-specific (thanks mylad for the help image)
-The various funny animations are now displayed more often
-Fixed various bugs with grapple and construct in far edges of the world (thanks peterolen and lordjj for the bug reports)
-Improved a bit the grapple behaviour (patch from peterolen)
-Reduced max memory usage for the Symbian and Android ports
-Introduce quality settings, and add one level for handhelds allowing alphablending and thus much higher quality ground.
-Readd fading to laser beams
-Fix key binding edition menu
-Fix keys getting stuck when modifiers (control/alt/shift) were changed
-Clean and update command line parameters; --size sets display size
-Big rewrite of internal network protocol; should reduce a bit traffic
-Various fixes with network menu (incorrect team updates, crashes)
-Cache loading of xml files: menus and particle spawning should now be much faster
-Android port: better resume
-Android port: text editing with the classical virtual keyboard
-Android port: can go to sleep when downloading (also more robust)
-Fix MacOSX not able to list public games

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This game is awesome i was addicted to it untill my rootfs has become fulled so i deleted it. do you know how much does it take from the rootfs to be installed ? i'm planning on reinstalling it again.

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