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Is your N9 in open mode?

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No connectivity issues here either.

But for me FasterN9 gave great performance, but always after couple of days it came impossible to launch any apps beside the preloaded ones. Can't remember what was the error terminal gave anymore. Reboot always solved the issue. Despite that this is a great tweak, due to app launch problems, however, I am only using Ancelads PowerPack.
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Thanks for all the feedback, since there are no dramatic reports, i will give it a try.

Update: Version 1.1.7 works great on my phone and the phone feels quicker with this version than with the stable 1.0.1.

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Want... Nice if it works for you!
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Just popping in say I've been using version 1.1.7 for about two weeks and haven't run into a single issue, despite it being unstable. 1.1.7 seems to make animations much smoother. At first I thought maybe it was a placebo effect, but now that I've been using the new version for a while I definitely notice an improvement. When opening apps, the slide in transition is almost always buttery smooth, and it doesn't stutter and drop frames like the phone would before. Same goes for various other anims. I'm not sure if the improved animations actually make the phone faster, but it's certainly smoother feeling. I would recommend upgrading to 1.1.7 to anyone still running the older, stable version. But just to be safe, make a backup before you do.
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With how many memory you remain after you install this app?

Usually without FasterN9 i have 400 mb after i restart phone and after a while 200 mb but now even i restart my phone with this app my memory that's left is 15 mb.

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