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Greetings to you all!
It was about time for me to register here! I've been following this forum for years and it has really helped me. I've got two N9 (16 % 32 gb) and I've been using Jolla1 since the begining (not being one of the very first ones however).
Thanks to all members of the community, contributors & coders. You helped me so much!

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I am new hwew.

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Heya! Like phg, I just got an N900 (today!) as my first smart phone after using (and losing) flip phones for the past 10 years. Unlike phg, I got a "for parts" unit off of ebay for cheap and I'm hoping to repair it.

From what I can tell, the only things wrong with it are the continuous-booting-while-"charging" and shutting-off-after-the-Nokia-splash-screen problems. There's also a slight blemish on the lcd but I'll get to that when I can. I poked around with rescueOS and noticed that the battery is being read as "full" and charged at "0%" (I thought ahead an got an external charger too), so I'm going to open it up tomorrow and have hunt for loose connections.

If worse comes to worst I'll wait to get a slightly better unit and already have a husk to harvest parts from if I need to.

Edit: just to say I got it up and running from the "cold flashing" method!

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Seems that I've posted a problem and gotten it resolved before I said Hi to everyone. So hello!

I've been using the n900 for less than a week now. I got to say it's almost everything I've dreamed of in a phone. I'm not a linux developer but I have been running it since 1997 or 1998. I've been a Nokia junkie for as long as I can remember. Its the only brand of phone I've ever owned. I've decided to boycott iPhone, Android phones, and Windows phones for privacy reasons a long time ago.

Part of the reason I've gotten my hands on an n900 is because of the neo900 project. I've preordered and hope the project comes to fruition but if it doesn't I wouldn't be too surprised. Anyways... hello everyone and I hope to contribute in one manner or another to the ongoing life of Maemo.


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HI i m new member.

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I'm a new member here
Some people may know me already from Jolla Together under the nickname 'DylanVanAssche' or from Github under 'modulebaan'

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Welcome, Dylan!

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hey there,

i've been reading this forum for quite some time and i'm really impressed by all the work done here. this forum is helping me a lot, thanks for that!
i've got a n9 for a year now and i'm loving it.


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I'm reading in this forum for quite a while. Now I subscribed, because I needed to buy a Jolla 1 from another forum-user.
Since I have my first PC I use SuSE. My first Smartphone was a N900, when it broke, the Jolla 1 was new on the market so I bought this. Now I have my second Jolla 1 (the first one died).

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bada rox, hotelcalifornia, new users, newbie, newmo!, w2tmo, welcome to

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