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Have a brand new/refurbished N900 here, a replacement of my broken phone.

Turned it on, had some very odd charging issues. It was jumping from saying 'full' to saying 'battery low' etc. so I left it to charge overnight. The next day it's fine, aside from this:

It keeps saying 'Not Charging' when it's not even plugged in to anything. This is a very strange error, and I just hope it isn't another hardware malfunction.

I've searched for help to no avail.

Thanks in advance,
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same with me! can anyone help?
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I can confirm I still have this same issue. I sent the phone back for repair and it came back the same - I gave up and moved to another device.
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Bumping this thread to post that if your N900 starts doing this, it's a very bad sign.

Mine started showing "not charging" errors when unplugged yesterday morning. In the afternoon, it started hanging for 10 seconds at a time and I knew something was wrong and tried undoing some of my OS modifications (like swap on MicroSD) to see if any were responsible, but nothing made a difference. At night it started crashing constantly. A rootfs reflash didn't fix it...soon it started boot-looping. It wouldn't accept an eMMC reflash at all and that's when I called the time of death. Luckily I have a spare that I've switched over to.
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