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FYI: as hypnotoad123 noted,
Originally Posted by hypnotoad123 View Post
The original gui is already available (with icon), but it does not open since, i guess, it just creates a tray icon which is not visible.
the simple-oc install pulls in mirall (aka owncloud) and that is the same as is installed on a desktop.

If one installs "hildon-systray" the tray icon of owncloud will display, and indeed, if using one, have left and right mouse click functionality and sub-screens.

I cannot get keyboard input to work, so as to complete the setup. However, if you copy and modify the configs from a 'nix desktop intance, owncloud will sit in the systray and sync away as files land in the specified folder.

Word of warning: it is cpu and memory intensive and will trigger your network connection dialog incessantly.

So, IMO hypnotoad123 is correct that the simple-oc way is best.

It is however nice to have the constant sync function available should one be on a usb-hub with keyboard and mouse and doing the desktop like things that some (eg estel) like doing.

So my question is, could simple-oc and owncloud share configs, so that both modes are available?

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Hi handaxe,

thanks for the hints. I guess, the current owncloud gui problems could be fixed (but I am no gui expert, so I will not do this).

simple_oc is a wrapper to owncloudcmd from mirall. The online-help of owncloudcmd sais that you can specify a config dir, but the source code reveals that this option is parsed but never used. So owncloudcmd seems not completely finished by upstream.

However, there are two config files loaded, one from mirall
and one from ocsync
(couldn't find out where it usually resides).

The one from mirall may be used to specify ca certificates and a proxy (btw.: possible solution to your cert questioning problem). The one from ocsync to specify connection timeout etc. My guess is that you can copy these files and owncloudcmd will gather the respective information (e.g. the username of a certain host). Then, some configuration could be shared between both clients.

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so this is just for (all) the files on the owncloud server, not calendar and/or contacts sync?
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Yes, this is "just" synchronizing files. For calendar and contact sync use syncevolution (and maybe sogo instead of an oc server).

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The client seems to work, thanks for porting

Just a few little questions:

How can I reduce the verbosity level to avoid getting spammed by all the debug messages?
How can I limit the sync to specific folder in my cloud, so that not all kind of stuff is downloaded?
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thanks for your reply.

The logging is hardcoded (I think it was loglevel 11) by the owncloud developers in a file named like csyncthread.cpp. This could be made configurable, I guess they will fix it in one of the next versions.

Syncing subdirs should work with the right url for owncloudcmd, but I don't know which url Maybe have a look at the owncloud forum and post the solution here.

There are two major errors at the moment which are to be analyzed, but I don't have time atm due to our newborn twins.
1. Sometimes, files are immediately synced back which, I guess, is due to bad FAT accuracy. I made several tries to fix this but there are multiple places where file times are compared and I did not find all until now. This seems to be no maemo-specific bug. Luckily, the server recognizes the file as unchanged and does not distribute it further.
2. Worse: When a large file is uploaded (e.g. during the false back-sync), the last chunk is not transmitted correctly. To me, it seems like a memory leak but I could not find it. This problem is maemo-specific. Luckily, during the next attempt, only the last chunk is transferred and this time correctly, so owncloudcmd repairs its mistake.
If anyone would like to resolve these issues, I would be happy to integrate patches (the source code to the packages is uploaded to the deb system)!

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I am unable to install simple_oc.
Installing mirall was easy, but neither apt-get nor Application Manager can find the package simple_oc.

I will try to download it directly. The link in the OP is dated, it points to version 1.0.1 which is no longer available...

[edit] one hour later, my good old N900 is in the process of syncing the first time, about 4000 files and 2.3 GB...

Great! Thanks a lot!

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oh! First time syncing looked good... but...

After running a long time simple_oc "terminated normally".
It created all the complex directory structure on my N900 correctly, but all the dirs are empty!
No single file was transfered.
The output is full of "protocol unknown" errors.

What is the problem here?
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thanks for your feedback. I propagated the newest simple_oc to testing and updated my first post. Also, I tested the setting up which still seems to work. Could you check if your config file /home/user/.simple_oc.cfg looks like this?


I never had such an error, I can only guess that the config file was not written correct. Did the erasing of the files happen during the second sync or the first? Could you maybe create a small test account to quickly check a small sync? For further debugging: All output is logged to /home/user/.oc_log and kept for 30 days.


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By the way: After testing several Android and Ios clients for owncloud and webdav sync, I think that owncloudcmd is by far the fastest. So it is definitely worth pushing the development:
  • sub-syncs apparently work, but this is not integrated in simple_oc yet. Also: Multiple sub-syncs would be nice. Note to myself: The call is
    owncloudcmd dir https://user:password@hostname/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/subdir
  • maybe a GUI to configure the syncs
  • improve documentation (bugtracker)

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