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Intex may release the sailfish phone in the last week of october or 1st week of november because of Diwali.
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I haven't seen this before
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The page was there, but not as big as now
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for me it seems the same
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Originally Posted by eekkelund View Post
I haven't seen this before
I did. Nothing new there
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So.. It is november.
Did anybody ask them on twitter?
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i asked ths morning
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So is it November now or Q1 2016????
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Originally Posted by tortoisedoc View Post
So is it November now or Q1 2016????
And why does everyone believe this anonymous twitter guy anyway????

I still favor the official press release, which indicates the end of the year as the likely earliest time for a release...
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See slide 40.
It says sailfish OS 2.0 will be released in November with Aqua Fish phone. 2.0 was released, but no intex phone. I have a bad feeling...

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