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Originally Posted by impeham View Post
i was really hoping to see this device go on air but as it feels to me, it is not serious enough to give too much hope for.
i can't believe i'm saying this, but i've decided to move on - just ordered the galaxy S7. it's gonna require long hard work to customize it the way i need it to be but there isn't and not going to be any other real alternative for the N900.
6 years - unbelievable life time for a smartphone these days. maemo community has been extremely helpful and supportive. won't be even close to that with android community.
why not try htc 10? better than s7 IMHO, already tested them both
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Notice the program run till 2017. I expect them to run another batch after this one is bought.

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Originally Posted by lantern View Post
Notice the program run till 2017. I expect them to run another batch after this one is bought.
I hope so as well.

On the other hand, I don't think it would be a good idea for them to make more.

First, they make no profit from it, as mentioned in their FAQ.

Originally Posted by Jolla
4. Why does the Program cost money? Some competitors offer developer programs for free.
As much as we would like to offer the Program for free, our current financial situation doesn’t allow this. However, we have pushed the Program fee as low as we could to keep the Program fairly priced for our community. Jolla is not making any profit with this price.

Second, I don't think there will be many more than 1000 developers for SailfishOS in Europe (or enthusiasts that don't expect much) and since Jolla went all the way to put their branding on it (they could have just resold the Intex phone without any changes, as many of us expected) it could hurt their brand pretty bad if large number of these devices ended up in the hands of regular customers.

Sure, people will now click "I agree" to all the no-support/no-warranty conditions, but remember what happened with the crowdfunding campaign - all contributors agreed that their contribution is a pure donation, but then many of them went on their crusade against Jolla for failing to fulfill the goal. Some of them continue after the refund announcement, even though refunding donations is highly uncommon.
I think similar stuff will happen if Jolla C gets in the hands of broad public - people think differently when they are excited for a new product and when the phone they paid for is broken without any chance of repair.

And I'm saying that as someone who just agreed to those terms
I don't understand why would anyone use a random, insecure, proprietary chatting solution as WhatsApp, when you have so many safe and open alternatives.
Please, don't use it. If this doesn't convince you, read more here.
The worst thing is even if you don't use it, it takes one ***** who does and has your number in his/her contacts and your number is uploaded to servers of this insane company for 'anyone interested' to read.
Thumbs up for everyone supporting WhatsApp on Maemo. NOT

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