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Originally Posted by mosen View Post
Never thought about how other languages use to count seconds by word length.
Take your pick:
One one-thousand, two one-thousand...
One Mississippi, two Mississippi...
One elephant, two elephants...

Originally Posted by mosen View Post
So it's "einundzwanzig, zweiundzwanzig, dreiundzwanzig,..."
I guess it's somewhat equal in finnish? anyone?
Yes and no. In this day and age, only the teens.

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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
I assume you meant in less than 1s. The alternative (for less than 1s) does not sound very attractive.

I needed to take a picture today and the only thing I had to hand was my Jolla. It took at least 12 seconds(!) to start the camera. I admit I did not time it with a stopwatch but after I waited for what seemed like ages I started counting in my head: "One elephant, two elephants..." The 12s was only from the point when I started counting.
Oh yes you are correct In less than 1s.
Meltemi's secret was that it killed the app every time it was swiped to "background". It could have only one app open at the time.

Originally Posted by
I have mentioned the mandatory 1 second app start time requirement often during this text. There is a reason: as said, there was no multitasking for QML apps in Meltemi. So I present you quite normal scenario:

My friend sends me a text while I’m browsing a web page. I’ll swipe away the browser and go to recents where I tap on the notification. Wait 1 second to open messages app. Decide to reply with a photo. Tap on “attach” icon. Wait 1 second to start Gallery. Pick a photo. Gallery closes. Wait one second to load back the message editor (it got killed when I went to Gallery, remember?). Choose to add another recipient. Tap the plus icon. Wait one second for contacts. Choose a contact. Wait 1 second that editor reopens. Press send. Messaging closes. Swipe up for “multitasking bar”, tap on browser. Wait 1 second for browser to load. Continue from where you were.
With proper transition animations those seconds are not as bad as they sound and the UI feels fluid.
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