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Two possibilities:
First one (easy): just grab a 480 (Switzerland) version and flash it.

Second one is: use ubiboot, dump SW from running 001 device and load it to the other device. (never heard that one did/succeeded so, but in theory it should be possible).

Oh and there is another: someone already downgraded by extracting certificates from 001 device (link).
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Originally Posted by Aktariel View Post

Finally bought a Nokia N9 from a refurbishing place in China. Not my first choice, but it was the only affordable option. It's running PR1.3 with the 003 region code, and I'd really like to get it back to a fresh state without all the China social network stuff, and *with* the Europe/US services.

I've done a fair bit of reading, and I can find no mention of downgrading except strict statements that say it can't be done. From my understanding, I can go up to 009, but not down to 001. 009 appears to be "Europe (2)", but I am wondering, before I take the plunge:

1) if there's any difference between 001 and 009
2) if there's any chance at all to "downgrade" to 001 (stupid software decision, anyway - makes it seem like some countries are better than others)
3) where to get PR1.3 009 firmware, since even after scouring threads and using the most updated repos I can find ( or there's no 009 firmwares

alternatively, are there ways to take the firmware version I have and remove the pieces that I don't want?
or, is there a different region I should look at upgrading to? (006 seems to be the highest region I can find firmware for, which is Middle East iirc, and I don't know what effect that will have on anything except Maps/Drive).

Thank you!
ok listen you can use this as main.bin but remember you will need to have the chinese main.bin(just get the 003 variant from links you put) too to flash the cmt rfs part to get data working
also youll need this as emmc.bin
also all firmware are technically the exact same thing just except for some extra junk apps
and region locked cell networks which youll probably need if you need to use a sim card on your phone unlike me who messed up and now is stuck with a brick that boots and has become technically a pda device and btw i do NOT recomend doing anything else than a zeroise of the device youre doing this on.

(sorry im just frustrated )

P.S. whatever you do DO NO INSTALL THE NOKIA LINK UPDATE ON YOUR PHONE it contains a kernel bug that instead of fixing 3g connections just totally screws them over and then the rfs partition ts locked and you can go to hell with your phone but nothing will repair it until we find a fix or something

note: tough this isnt downgrade but this is a way you can have most functionality by keeping on pr1.3 and having european firmware (also if the emmc.bin link dont load up use this you use windows)
see ya!

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