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Originally Posted by mikecomputing View Post
Modem firmware is closed and will send stuff to asholes like Trump or Putin or other dictators depending on what country you are in.
So stop this stupid war and use whatever crap OS you like. We are all doomed anyway.
Strongly disagree. Actually, this assertion can easily been reversed :
"Whatever the efforts you put to prevent as*holes to get power, some will fatally succeed and use every weapon/information available to reinforce their power. Then, because of the backdoors of your crappy OS or device, you will basically be fu*ked."

So, in my opinion, freeing from jailed devices is at least as important as voting against as*holes.
Sadly, if making the neo900 may seem hard, I'm sure than preventing as*holes from getting the lead of a country is even harder !
(neo900 team may succeed the first task in less than five years while humankind fails to achieve the second one for millenia )

Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
The reasons to own a neo900 are numerous. Sadly the chances to own one right now when it might be important are close to nil.
I'm affraid your words may seem discouraging for the project members, and I'm sad for them each time I read sarcastic comments.
For having preordered an openpandora and waited for it for years, I can testify such delays are normal in such a community project. In the case of openpandora, the situation was even far more despaired and the device has finally been released !

A few words for neo900 team : "Keep courage and faith. What you are going to achieve is wonderful. Whenever the neo900 will be released, it will for sure be a milestone for freeing (or at least get back the control of) mobile telephony"

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