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Dear SailfishOS Friends,

After all the questions on irc. I like share the information that there is a kickstart for the OnePlus 3 to run SailfishOS on it.

If you like to help please join on #sailfishos-porters and fork the following OnePlus 3 repos on github and get familiar with the HADK .

If you like to skip the building Part of the HADK and liek to smoke test SFOS there is preAlpha Image which stuck on boot logo! Check HADK chapter 9 and the Porter FAQ for the next steps.

I don't have the Oneplus 3 myself I just helped others to get SFOS on the OnePlus 3.

Happy Hacking
Ambience for your Jolla on openrepos.

Support me via flattr. Thanks!

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I'm in.

I have a OnePlus 3, not really much free time but a strong will to dump Android

If there are any other people who were working/want to work on this, let they come out of darkness
We should have all resources (including the contact list) at one place.

Let's hope this won't die like all those previous community projects
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Current projects:
N950: rewrite driver for BH1770 for the upstream kernel

Projects no longer actively developed: here

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Glad to hear that!!! I don't know if this should be mentioned here, but I guess that somebody is doing some work on Mi 5 too! personally I would prefer Mi 5 because of the size and weight!

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