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I have almost finished my work on SailKick, an native app.
My background is pure Windows / .net. So it took me some hours to get used to Linux, Qt etc...
I hope you can help me to speed up with my final problems:

- my rpm package does not show any icon, what did i miss ?
solved: i did find the obvious button in openrepos ;-)

- i have embedded a webview, but when i open a page in it, it does not look as in exernal browser. it is too small. i believe now it is due to zoom factor. any idea how to set that ?

- i would like to have a carousel navigation on the top level:
start with Concert page -> Areas page -> Artists page -> back to Concerts page. just to add Concerts page as attachedPage to Artists leads to some not unexpected instability. is there a solution to have a carousel like on hope page of Sailfish ?

- finally, i would need a nice icon. i quickly made one but my skills are limited.
i would appreciate it, if someone could create a nice one .

Thanks a lot for any help !!

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