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Originally Posted by Nosph3ratu View Post
If any of the devs need images created for the UI I'll be happy to assist. Just give me dimensions, format and a brief description of each image. PM me.
Ditto. I have some free time recently and can create logos/graphics or anything else needed.
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what about group chat, sending/receiving images etc. does this work as well?
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They said that the sending/receiving files function, won't be supported in the first release.

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What about translating into different languages?

I could translate it into Spanish.

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Originally Posted by blackjack4it View Post
Awesome I should say, but since it's not integrated part of the messaging service, I think it could be cool if the colour theme could be Unique, like the difference between WEB2SMS and Native SMS. Skype, SMS, Facebook look alike cuz they intergrated/unified, how about Green as WhatsApp Logo is Green? Just an idea. Thanx for all the effort U guys have put into this, I'd love to see the faces in WhatsApp Devs when they see this actually working
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Been watching this for weeks! I know it might be in alpha or buggy or whatever, but I would do ANYTHING to get my hands on this if its already working!!!

You guys are heros!
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Excellent job, guys!

And good point, @isorn. I could help translate it into German.
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Beautiful how our community is so selfsufficient.. I could also help translate to Dutch or French
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I don't use whatsapp but following the development and then finally a screenshot of it in use.. made me love this community more and more.

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