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Glad to help with Greek translation
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Originally Posted by Weirdfisher View Post
do you translate traditional or simplified chinese?
both the traditional and simplified chinese.
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I can help with italian translation...
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I can help with bengali translation
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Originally Posted by mikhail_ramalho View Post
Great work guys!

I haven't read all the thread but do you guys think on opening the source? Or maybe hosting it on gitorious/github so the community can help?
Don't know if it would be that helpful to make it completely OpenSource or if this just would make it easier for WhatsApp to detect if it is an official or our client. Maybe we can "just" share the code/information to some developer wanting to create an client for other platforms?
But that are just my thoughts and it is tgalal who has to decide it because he is the only one having the source at the moment

In total I'm really looking forward to see an working version
Is there any status update you can give us tgalal?

(Oh, I could also help with a german translation but I think we are far away from translating, first we need an working version)
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I can help with Klingon translation.

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i think rather than translation devs should be concerned abt releasing whatsapp fast with maximum features
Translations cancome after that !!
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Tgalal said that the usable version come out dis week..

Originally Posted by tgalal View Post
I expect a usable version to be ready next week.
any new news?
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Hi dear Developed.
I can help with translation Portuguese and Spanish South American.
Thanks for your work
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WTF!!! This is a translation request thread or a developper only thread ??!!
And when the client is finished everybody who want to translate it should ask not before. Patience is a virtue Just don't spam this thread with translation requests.

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