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Originally Posted by ysss View Post
yeah... the market is.... funny...

What do you guys make of this:
First impression:

- They didn't have engineering resources to throw at this

- They are trying to downplay others that have the guts to enter this market.
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Originally Posted by ysss View Post
yeah... the market is.... funny...

What do you guys make of this:
Bullsh*t PR speak; this guy couldn't be more full of it. The form factor has been compelling since the Flinstones. I wanted a tablet 20 years ago. How Nokia didn't follow the 770 and the n800 with something iPad size is just sad. Instead, some other division released that overpriced Winblows laptop (netbook ?). Lame.

Anyway, like the first commentor said, "Who cares?" A MeeGo or Ubuntu tablet will be where my money eventually goes.
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agree with the first post....
tech journalism today is mostly unprofessional...totally biased,and all about market share, how well they advertise, mass appeal etc etc..dont even appreciate better tech if its not from their favourite cult
anyone know some unbiased tech sites/blogs whatever??
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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
From announcement to today, it's over 24 months. From release to today, it's 20 months. That's more than 18 months and yes... you appear to be splitting hairs.
And how is is relevant how long it takes from the phone is announced to the last firmware release? We're talking about product life cycles here. The 5800 started shipping in select markets, Nov 27th 2008 and reached USA Feb 27th, 2009 and the last firmware appears to be from April 21st, 2010. That means it received it's last firmware [this far] 14 months after it was released in the US. Three additional months after it was first released in Finland. It was released here in the end of February too. And I remember very well that it was impossible to get the first months after release.

If we're to base any discussion about number of months in a firmware release / life cycle, which I believe is what was going on here, it should be somewhat accurate. 17(/14) months is not 24 months. Infact, with such inaccuracies, the discussion is meaningless.

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17/18 months is more than a year. It's longer than the N810 had in terms of updates and support, and it's 3 times longer than the MeeGo announcement after the release of the N900.

So... what I don't get is how relevant that you're splitting 5 or so months out of 24 and calling it a problem. Have fun with that; I tend to round up when it's over 13 months anyway. And as it stands, it's doubtful Nokia will support any Maemo endeavor officially for more than 13 months. It hasn't happened yet. There's nothing inaccurate about that insofar relating to the past.

Regardless... about my "Motorola Droid being a mediocre phone", I'm comparing it to the Droid X (better camera and keyboard imho) and to the Samsung Galaxy S (finally got my hands on one, screen is only second to the iPhone 4)... it's not bad, but it didn't compel me to buy.

Almost did though.

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Originally Posted by kojacker View Post
The problem is, they did it by moving to Android. Samsung are trying to replicate Motorolla's success with Droid by building on Android with the Galaxy brand and have forecast a huge increase in sales over the next financial year. HTC became a major player in the US market through their links with Android. There's a common thread, and Nokia has ruled out that option.
That is exactly why there is no point in them thinking about Android NOW. How is being a 4th or 5th manufacturer of Android phones in the US going win back significant market share ? I have the feeling they are laying low because they know Symbian^3 and the N8, which, while probably going to do well in "generic markets" wonít be able to fight Nokia back on the US radar. Add to that the US pricing techniques (one of the major points of the N8 is that itís jack-of-all-trades is going to be good enough for most average smartphone users while costing 1/2-2/3 of the iPhone/Galaxy class devices). The US market (or rather tech blogosphere) at this point, is all about glitz and raw horsepower, and pushing the N8 (or even the N9) would likely not do very well. Device-wise, they need something that will allow them to come back in a tour-de-force (like the N95 in itís own days), and when they have that (sadly thatís late 2011 at best), marketing will follow. The strategy for brand awareness and mindshare is a completely different matter, and thatís where things appear more worrysome for me, but then again Iím just an armchair analyst
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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
So... what I don't get is how relevant that you're splitting 5 or so months out of 24 and calling it a problem.
I think you will find it hard to find anywhere where I called anything a problem.

We were discussing length of life cycles. Those are measured in months. And it was said that the Nokia device 5800 had updates after two years. It was however very inaccurate. A 24 month active life cycle is considerably better than a 13 month active life cycle, and also better than a 18 month active life cycle. I would much like a 24 month active life cycle with firmware updates and bugfixes for my Nokia device - the N900. Frankly, I am not sure we even get a 13 month life cycle.

Of course, we need also discuss the lifecycles of MORE Nokia devices before we find an average to base expectations on.

You brought in 13 months as your "round up" number. If you consider +/- 11 months in expectations of life cycle length splitting hair, then you have really thick hair.
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Originally Posted by Vishwacorp View Post
Living in New York City, the difference between Apple's marketing and Nokia's marketing is stark. Apple, with billboards on every corner, AT&T retail stores, and their own Apple stores (4 in Manhattan now) is pretty much everywhere.

Nokia is the company that sells free flip phones with contracts. Whenever I use my N900, the reaction from people usually starts with a, "I remember my old Nokia. That phone wouldn't break no matter what!"

Nokia has largely ignored the USA market, and maybe for good reason. I am not going to pretend I know more about their business than they do themselves but I still think Nokia has a chance in the American market.

They have the products (N8, E72, E73, N900, 5800, etc). All they need is the marketing and carrier support (Like it or not, that is how more than 90 percent on Americans buy their phones).

Hyundai (and even Kia) have had a big turnaround in America recently with the release of a few excellent cars AND more importantly an aggressive ad campaign. If Nokia wants, they can definitely draw people back to their phones in America.
you know in the states they change the software and feautures of a phone jsut because they sell in a carrier.You heard about the samsung galaxy s yeah att is removing its front camera because they think iphone should only have it.So no quality over quantity.Would you like if you went to buy a lamborghini and a cardealer was the only exclusive in town with ferraris so they took out the v12 and put a v6? I really dont beleive so, until carriers realize they sell data in a timeperiod and not phone in the states then I will buy with plan
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"Seriously - how should Nokia be expected to deal with such utter Euro-phobic bias in the US media? :"

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