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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
That is interesting. I have tried every mobile browser under the sun including on my kids' Android tablets and ended up returning to Sailfish Browser with the tail between my legs every single time. It is tbe onky browser that just about works.
Have you tried Dolphin and Safari. Pretty great. Too bad you have to walk around with an extra phone when using sailfish.

It simply not up to my standards an if you are happy. Go, but it won’t work as well for the things I do. So I guess I will and up with a iSheep X. I guess companies prioritize safari when building stuff and no one cares for Sail when testing.

I might get over it some day but for now Im totally disappointed of the usability of the browsers.

Anyhow. Xperia X out as main phone.
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet – and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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Originally Posted by KylliOrvokki View Post
Yes. There is official instruction which is really good one.

So instructions I used:

1. backup DRM keys (OPTIONAL) (I used this guide translate google com ..)

2. Install SailfishX
(if mac or linux use together with this. )

Many thanks.

About the Jolla guide reading the first phrase I conclude it is not complete enough.

"1. Sony Xperia X Single SIM (F5121), verified to have an unlockable bootloader."

Ok, then why not devote a few keystrokes on explaining how to verify if a bootloader on a given F5121 is actually unlockable?

Suppose I go out and see a yellow and a black F5122 in front of me. Both, 99% new, still warranty, Sir...

How to avoid picking the one with the ununlockable bootloader?

I suppose a seller won't always know or won't always be honnest about it.

Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
been there done that. were out shopping and was looking for some things. menu doesent open in wecat. filter doesn't apply to search.

its like using a browser from 2005.
With lots of sympathy for the people who put alternative browsers out for Sailfish, but being a browser user much more than app user, I think that the only way to run on an up to date browser on Sailfish enjoying all privacy options, blockers and spoils such as save pages as PDF or Dark Background on light text add-on to save your eyesight is by allowing Alien Dalvik and run Firefox for Android.

Firefox was ported to the N900 in a few weeks and ran horrible but I can't say that I get more exited by the prospect of using the Jolla browser.
If the RAM available in Sailfish X' Alien Dalvik gets proportionally enlarged compared to Jolla 1 than Sailfish X should reserve 1/2 of 3GB =1,5 GB to Dalvik?

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Originally Posted by ste-phan View Post
Suppose I go out and see a yellow and a black F5122 in front of me. Both, 99% new, still warranty, Sir...

How to avoid picking the one with the ununlockable bootloader?
Open the phone app and dial *#*#7378423#*#* then go to Service Info -> Configuration

'Bootloader unlock allowed - yes' means you can unlock it. No means you can't, so don't buy

'Bootloader unlocked - yes' means someone's already had some fun with the phone so you can buy it, but best to wipe everything so you know what's on there unless you know and trust the seller

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A bit more testing with F5122m Dual SIM + µSD:

Pinout and 4 test cases
1 case: All pins except 4 (V+) and 6 (GND) taped:
-Both SIMs detected
2 case: All pins except 2 ( Card Detect), 4 (V+), 5 (CLK) and 6 (GND) taped:
-Both SIMS detected
3 case: All pins except 2 ( Card Detect), 3 (Command response), 4 (V+), 5 (CLK) and 6 (GND) taped:
-Both SIMS detected
4 case: All pins except 2 ( Card Detect), 3 (Command response), 4 (V+), 5 (CLK), 6 (GND) and 7 (DAT0) taped:
-Only 1st SIM detected and SDcard, too (of course with error message)

So, looks for me that it is not hardware thing (I am not an expert in electronics, just an engineer) as the card is detected and 2nd SIM disabled when there is some data connection (DAT0 in this test) to the SDcard.
Is there some part of original Xperia X software, taking care of this, I really don't know.

Maybe someone with more expertise can go further...
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Well, I have to return to Android
I was very happy with Sailfish OS, but I began to have problems with memory space, and begins to go very slow... I didn't receive messages from Whatsapp...
So well... I will return back after more improvement with this OS, anyway, I contributed to support Jolla. Hope they will make more stable soon

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sailfish os, sony xperia x

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