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>"device, which targets the masses"

hummm a physical keyboard slider targets mass market? you're funny, pal.
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I don’t think the QWERTY slider is THE factor that exclude it from the masses

It’s the name. Or lack of name. I remember someone calling in it chenPhone. I’m more interested in what name Chen going for. The phone i years away from the masses.
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USB-C is the way to go for a 2018 device, and I believe Chen already mentioned it would be USB-C.

However, I personnaly don't really care what USB type it comes with (I still prefer USB-C) as long as it features OTG. Carrying a small adapter attached to my mouse or keyboard or thumb drive is not the issue, being able to connect them is the most important for me.

Both USB-C and OTG are planned if I remember correctly.

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