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ok folks,

I'm still an avid user of my trusted N900. The NEO900 is not yet out, so i have to survive.

My current usage of the N900 requires, that I need (again) to extend my battery power. Once upon a time I had a MUGEN Cover, but unfortunately it got lost in the deep and many drawers of my hobby room. Or on one of the many moves since then.

Has anyone a (spare) MUGEN cover that he could sell me, or has already made up a good similiar backcover for the N900, that could handle a double (stacked) battery and hold it securely? I have enough 3d-printers @ home that could give / create me the spare if I have an STL.

Stationed in Augsburg, which is near Munich / Germany.

thanks already 4 any help


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Not wanting to discourage you from your back cover search but how long is your battery lasting?

A normal size battery is fine for me as a daily user, but everyone different.

Few things to consider first if you haven't already.
Is your normal battery below capacity and requires replacing?
Does your device need a bit of a clean up and is power hungry not hitting it's sleep states?
Have you considered a cheap power pack for charging on the go?
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Been there, done that sixwheeledbeast.

* my battery is new, holding a decent charge
* "problem" is more my usage pattern. The N900 is used for tracking down Wifi spots, constantly "on" (connected), either via WIFI or via my provider's INet connect, audio recording and and and and ...
* of course I've an external power pack, a propper USB-charger in the car etc.etc.

But howling around my anker 20.000mAH powerpack (twice the size of the N900, nearly double the thickness of it) with the N900 and having that connected is just ... suboptimal.

Also, quite often i'm dragged into troubleshooting-meetings on pretty short notice, and then I normaly just have my A5 notebook, my spacepen, a pocketknife and my trusted N900 with me.

so, yes, I've looked into the other solutions and apply them. But haunting for the optimal solution I'd like to get back to the Mugen cover / similiar to better survive the "off-grid" time with the N900.



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When considering double batteries, you want to keep this in mind.

This may be on interest as well.

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Mugen seems to be gone. Last one i searched for and found was located in south africa.
On the other hand for the size of mugen i like to have a even bigger battery. If i remember correctly it was bulky and much unused space..
Azkay made a very nice mod but didnt use 1400ma of space and he had a mugen cover.

And for the former price you might even consider a back cover with more functionality (i heared you like it bulky)

Currently im using the cheap solution.. just a spare battery.
But charging, changing, carrying is annoying!!!

Using another battery is hard cause of the N900 small form factor nearly all other batteries out there dont fit.

Maybe we should hire someone to carve an n900 (neo900) worthy 10 years anniversary solution.

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3d-printing, cover, mugen

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