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Netsurf 3.4 builds! Unfortunately it doens't work on device correctly yet

This version use Duktape for JS engine so negates all the previous libffi6 and gcc issues. If someone wants to take a look into this more by all means be my guest as I don't know if/when I'll get round to it.

Follow the walkthrough with a few differences.

I opted to manually install the depends by reading the file and copy pasting all of them except git we can use sbox version. I had a little snag with libssl-dev due to it wanting to install cssu versions but might be because I have it set up.

Clone as stated in the docs then we need to make a few changes.

We need -fgnu89-inline in the CFLAGS to prevent a warning tripping an error message. In the created ~/dev-netsurf folder under workspace/buildsystem/makefiles/Makefile.gcc add it to the end of the line
CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -D_ALIGNED="__attribute__((aligned))"

Change to:

CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -D_ALIGNED="__attribute__((aligned))" -fgnu89-inline
Whilst your in the workspace folder, head to workspace/netsurf/gtk/window.c. Line 689 IIRC contains:
gtk_widget_get_allocation(GTK_WIDGET(g->paned), &pane_alloc);
This was added in GTK 2.18 so we need to backport this. Stick the following somewhere in there (I presume you should know safe places, I just stuck it a few line up, above the static void):
#define gtk_widget_get_allocation(widget, obj) \
(obj)->width = (widget)->allocation.width; \
(obj)->height = (widget)->allocation.height
Next up you need bison-2.4 as well. Run the ns-pull-install part with:
BISON=/opt/bison2/bin/bison ns-pull-install
Everything else just runs as normal.

Copying the executable file won't work as it needs other components. These are in workspace/gtk/res and can be copied to ~/.netsurf on device for testing but you need to use something like cp -Lr source ~/dest to dereference the symlinks.

Current state is that it displays the built in start page. You can not interact with anything, such as inputs, buttons, scrollbar.

If someone want's to take this further, it might be worth looking at the GTK UI source and seeing what needs to be replaced to make it more functional for our device (Hildon widgets, screen size considerations etc).

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