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Guys, a stupid question: I am trying to run a simple desktop QtQuick app and for whatever reason it is stuck in portrait mode, even if I specify contentOrientation: Qt.LandscapeOrientation in qml file. However, if I do so, i get the famous not found warning. Are those issues related to one another? Is there a workaround? (there is a reason why I cannot try that in the emulator at the moment, unfortunately)

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hi thera is there any chance to you use sailfish with full device (16 gb)?

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Most probably - no.
The problem is related with lack of possibility to unlock the bootloader.
It does perform checks if the whole partition layout and types of filesystems on some of the partitions are untouched. The device won't boot if it detects any inconsistency. At least this is how it looked like when I've read about it on XDA some time ago.

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Originally Posted by TheKit View Post
I can try to modify initramfs. In case of using kexecboot, as opposed to SafeStrap, what partitions are going to be used for /data and /system? The stock ones?

For anyone wishing to try in a separate SafeStrap slot, here is the new SailfishOS build for Droid 4:

There were some issues with updated systemd due to old kernel, but otherwise I didn't find any new problems. If there are no major issues with this build, we could try to OTA update from, since the packages for port are now built on OBS.
This is great! Ctrl on right-OK and Alt on left-SYM. IRSSI IS LIKE ON MY PC NOW!

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU., This helps me very much because i cannot sit for long, and use the xt894 to chat while lying down.

However some regressions

1) Keyboard backlighting stopped working
2) Shift button persistence to next keypress stopped working - now shift has to be held to get a capital letter.

Everything else seems to be great.

My main goal now is to get a multi-console emulator (retroarch or emumaster). Running so we have amusement.

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