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Weird story read from

Advogato diary for pycage

"One of the most criticised issues about the Nokia 770's browser is that the cursor keys jump from link to link instead of scrolling the page. Thus scrolling requires using the touch screen. "

I haven't seen this criticized anywhere, but hold on: There is a "hidden feature".

"I somehow found out that the cursor keys can be used for scrolling. You simply have to hold down the key. To sum it up: short key presses jump from link to link, while holding down the keys scrolls the page in all four directions. "

Holy RTFM, this is clearly stated in manual, so it's rather a "hidden feature". Ok, I know, I am manual freak and everybody might miss some points in it, but when has it been "One of the most criticised issues"?
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Yes, that made me smile too, especially as I had only found out about the short/long pressure thing a few minutes before reading that post (but I only have my 770 since yesterday :-). Also there's been a howto on the maemo wiki for some time, explaining how to change the way those keys work in Opera, so...

In the same vein I've seen heated discussions about which kind of MMC cards are accepted or not in the device, although the same manual clearly states that both single and double-voltage should work...

Elsewhere on his blog this gentleman states he has "Found a way to become root on my N770 without patching the firmware". If it's true he isn't sharing his secret, as I haven't found that info anywhere else...
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In my case, I confess that I read the manual way back when it was approved by the FCC (August?) and not since.

So I'm one of the people who didn't realize short and long presses did different things in the browser. Anyway, discovery makes for more permanent learning, don't you think?
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