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Originally Posted by tommo View Post
Letís have a sweepstake, Iím going for March 2018.
I would say the week before February 16th, 2018 (Chinese New Year for 2018).
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Just signed on as a late backer of this. I hope it isn't too much of a gamble. After finally getting an official build of Jolla on Sailfish X I really want a SailfishOS tablet bad.

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About time we had another IGG update - hopefully it won't be a "sorry we can't get it to you in time for christmas" message, but I fear that's what is on the way

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I think that it was always going to be difficult to get a small production run like this done during the pre-Christmas rush. I'm just speculating now, but I guess that the big guys will be done with their orders well before Christmas (they need to be sure that stock is available for pre-Christmas orders and get things like publicity and promotional material sorted out). There may be a dip in demand for production during December that would allow the tablet to be produced, as long as all the components have been delivered. Otherwise, delivery will probably be sometime in January at the earliest.

If they do get a December slot for production but can't ship in good time for Christmas, I hope that they will wait until January before shipping. Shipping just before Christmas is a bad idea: a lot of packages will get lost, or be returned by the shipping company as undeliverable (some only hold packages for a week if there is no-one to take delivery, and many people may be away on holiday at this time).

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Hello Chen :

Any unpdate of the project ?
(stalled? cancelled? just waiting? slowly getting produced ?)

Any more pics ?

Thank you.

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Sometimes silence speaks louder than wordsÖ

Ah, updates via IGG comments: Probably no delivery this year anymore, problems with PCB delivery and memory prices. But at least SoC got delivered.

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jolla tablet, sailfish os

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