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There is now a pre-alpha package libicd-network-wpasupplicant in the repos. You really need to know how to use it (e.g. what doesn't work - some obvious things to do not work yet), but otherwise it works stable. It also requires manually starting some services currently, so it's not yet ready for testing, but I wanted to give a status update.

WPA-EAP is now partially implemented. PEAP with MSCHAPV2 works, and TTLS with PAP should work, including anonymous identity (I will test this today or tomorrow). (eduroam, yay!)

What doesn't work is connecting to a (previously unconfigured) network directly from the applet scan dialog. All networks must be added/configured via control panel "internet connectivity". Password popups also are not yet implemented yet. Some minor gconf features are also not implemented yet (ask for password always). autoconnect check is also not fully implement, for similar reasons. (e.g. we cannot autoconnect if require a password manually every time).

There's also some code cleanups to be done, and I have not tried ad-hoc at all yet.

(The package in the repo doesn't have the WPA-EAP support yet)

Tested to work not just on N900, but also on Raspberry pi 3, Motorola Droid 4 and even virtual machine (with usb passthrough).

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