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I came across a site describing the use of TinyGLES to enable Uplink to be ported to the Pandora, I didn't know if this is something we could benefit from using, so I thought give it a shot.

Their port of Uplink uses glshim, which we have but is quite outdated compared to latest git commit date, which should be easy to fix. I tried building TinyGLES but almost immediately get hit by an error of GL_RG undefined, which is indeed missing from /opt/maemo/usr/include/GL/gl.h.

This is the second time I've encountered issues regarding OpenGL/GLES. The first was trying to build GLES1+2 support for SDL2. The headers supplied redefine one of the typedefs (enum vs int IIRC) and miss GLchar in gl2.h:

/* Some GLES2 implementations (like the one on Fremantle & Harmattan) are
   missing the typedef for GLchar. Work around it here by adding it. The
   Kkronos headers specify GLChar as a typedef to char, so if an
   implementation already provides it, then this doesn't do any harm.

   Source: qt
typedef char GLchar;
These earlier issues I overcame by creating a package (gles2patch, no way connected to the other "patches" everyone loves to hate) which just created a diversion and replaced the header to save patching every project that uses the header. I can send/post it if anyone wants to review it.

With regards to the new issue, I haven't patched that one yet.

Finally EGL, we are missing some a header, eglext.h.

Is this something others would like to see fixed/patched? It is not something I'm looking to test extensively myself due to time restrictions from other projects but I will post them if there is enough demand.

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I was completely unaware of the existence of TinyGLES. It sounds great and I'd love to see this on the N900.

Packaging glshim is already on my TO DO list for my Debian/Devuan-based distro but it looks like I'll have to add TinyGLES to the list too.

It's great to see how active the Pandora community is. They're doing some really cool stuff. I see many similarities between their community and ours. The Pandora Classic has a similar OMAP3 and 256MB RAM. The 1GHz version even uses the same SoC as the Neo900.

One thing I've wanted to do for a while is to get Super Zaxxon (Pandora's OS) running on the N900 either as a chroot env, LXC or native boot but I've just never had the free time to do it. I wonder if this would be a better way to get TinyGLES on the N900 as it would also give us access to the entire Pandora library. Couple that with a Game Gripper type device (or maybe even without it) and I reckon the Neo900 suddenly becomes very appealing to the Pandora community (joerg_rw take note!).
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Originally Posted by wicket View Post
... and I reckon the Neo900 suddenly becomes very appealing to the Pandora community (joerg_rw take note!).
The Pandora community is more or less aware of Neo900, but Pandora is sort of obsolete (no new devices available anymore, afaik) and they focus on Pyra now. I doubt a lot of Pandora people would be interested in Neo900 just because it's similar to their good old Pandora. Either they already own a Pandora or they want a Pyra.
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