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Originally Posted by pali View Post
Where we can find source code now?
I would guess that the normal and the thumb version has same source code. I don't know if there is a git-repo.

So you will find the version in maemo packages:


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Originally Posted by Halftux View Post
I don't know if there is a git-repo.
It's here:
My Thumb mini-repository:

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Originally Posted by gidzzz View Post
It's here:
Thanks! I'm first:

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which platform are supporting it ?
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:
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Hey. Wanted to make feature request for OMP. So straight to the point, would be handy to have user selectable behavior of volumerocker and cam launch button. For example disabled,skip track back and forth for volume and play/pause for cam trigger. Also is it possible to implement a feature that would even out the output volume of different mp3 files? Also timeshift feature for internet radio would be neat. With user selectable buffersize of course. Thanks for the great work so far.
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Originally Posted by View Post
which platform are supporting it ?
Fremantle (for the n900).
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Quick issue report:

I have a few shortcuts to play some internet streams like: dbus-send --print-reply /com/nokia/mediaplayer string:""

That i exec while OMP is closed to go quickly to my preferred music/news streaming. (or using cron)

This kind of shortcut works... 60% of times.
When it doesn't works, OMP has a strange behavior:
It starts playing the last mp3 track/album just like as it was video stream!
And you think: Hey they are trasmitting the same song i chosed yesterday...

The only thing i have observed is that it happens more often when the phone is very busy (just connected to the web, downloading emails, apt updates...)


same issue but more problematic happens using camera-ui2 in video mode.
If you try to play the video just recorded you obatin OMP starting playing the last mp3 song!

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