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 From Jussi Kukkonen: [blockquote] "I just got Frozen Bubble to compile on Maemo -- One change was needed in the source, but otherwise game is playable `out-of-the-box`. I`ll document the compile procedure Real Soon Now.." [/blockquote] More screenshots after the jump.  ...
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Is this a port from Palm or PPC? Why don't the bubbles run the full width of the screen?

Don't just do "5-minute ports"! This will not help the 770 platform.

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I love bust a move.
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I visited the Frozen Bubbles site ( )and the information there seems pretty clear that it was designed on Linux boxes (hence the penguins).

My guess is that the two-player version is 640 x 480 in order to fit the widest number of screens (circa years ago, eh?), and the 1-player version is half that. (See pictures at .)

I don't see anything that indicates there are PocketPC or Palm versions.

-- Roger
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So, will it support multiplayer gaming on the same network or via adhoc?

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Quick and (very) dirty guide to running Frozen Bubble on the 770:

- get r00t
- have dpkg work by creating the missing file and directories it complains about not having
- get FB .debs for ARM from any deb source
- dpkg --force-all -i the debs
- DISPLAY=:0; export DISPLAY
- run /usr/games/frozen-bubble -ns -vs
- look at the error message, find the .deb containing the missing file and install it
- repeat last 2 steps until no error
- play
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Originally Posted by Mike Cane View Post
Why don't the bubbles run the full width of the screen?
The number of bubbles in a row is an important factor in the game's hardness, so you can't really alter that. And you don't want them non-round either.

Maybe if it played in portrait mode it would look better ?
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Just curious: is it optified ?
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