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in some screen shots i've seen a little alarm icon in the top toolbar,

however i'm completely unable to find an alarm clock app or anyway that to enable that icon. Any ideas?
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where did you see this pict?
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the little alarm icon is hauting me!

as an example, look at the toolbar on the 770 at the top of this page!
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Interestingly, whilst poking around on the device whilst sat in bed last night, I found an osso-alarm daemon which is started on boot. There's also /usr/share/ui-clock_alarm, ui-clock_alarm2.mp3 and ui-clock_alarm3.mp3 which are varying levels of irritating alarm sound.

Unfortunately, there doesn't (yet) seem to be a way of using them.
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In you can see "osso-systemui-alarm n"
"n" signify "Nokia-originated package"
Nokia is the one who could answer this ask i think...

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