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Originally Posted by epage View Post
Hmm, none of the links on your software page seem to do anything for me.
Could you elaborate?

As with the N8x0 series, my expectations is that clicking on a link to a 'deb' file will automatically start the 'application manager' program on the N900 -- prompting for install options. Does it not?

As well, is there something about the 'package' itself that the N900 series will then ignore?
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The links caused no browser action. I just tried again and they seem to work. I wonder if it was some kind of buggy google thing.

I'll try and take some time this week to test on the n900. Do you have the code in any kind of public git repo (like Maemo Garage or github) so I can contribute back improvements?

Do you plan to package for the auto-builder so this can go into extras?

EDIT: Whoops, I think I know what it is now. Ubuntu did a Firefox update and forgot to tell me to restart Firefox. When firefox gets updated underneath itself, weird things happen like not being able to download things, source windows appears as 10x10 windows with no content, etc.
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