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I have an N800 with a slew of programs and tweaks (e.g., hosts file, silenced startup, program settings ...). It also is set up for dual-booting.

What do you think is the easiest way to get all my N800 functionality into the N810? Will the fact that they are different devices preclude, say, doing the standard built-in backup on the N800, moving its contents to a miniSD, and using it to do the restore on the N810?

Are there folders (or files) I can't just copy from the N800 and use to overwrite the same folders on the N810?
Posts: 1,950 | Thanked: 1,170 times | Joined on Jan 2008 @ Seattle, USA
Bump. (A guy needs to now and then. Especially if he ain't talking about the friggin' N900.)
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I cloned my N800 into a miniSD, using a SD adapter, and inserted into the N810, and booted up just fine. Now if you want to do a reverse clone, i.e., to clone from the miniSD into intFlash, you can try this

1) in order to do reverse clone, i.e., to clone your intFlash from your SD, you would have to squeeze the rootfs to below 516 MB, this is probably the max when compress to fit in 256 MB of your intFlash/N810. If it is bigger than your intFlash, it just fail, and you would have to squeeze it smaller, this will NOT brick you N810 even if your miniSD rootfs is too big.

2) dl, this will help to clone from your miniSD to internalSD

3) fix your bootmenu so that you can boot from either intSD or extSD

4) now bootup from either SD, and reverse clone to intFlash.

Once you invest time to do this, you will have unlimited one button backup anytime you want, great for testing beta programs that can be nasty to uninstall.

Mine N810 and N800 are running exactly the same, and I take turns to take them out, ie., I always has the other on charge and take the full charged one when I go out.

The does NOT do partition, it does formatting. So you would have to partition to the right size for the to work. And the advantage is one only write over the OS, and leave all your fat16 or fat32 intact.


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