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I am a bit sad to say that the sailfish era is over for me at least in the short run.

Why sale away? I have decided to go Xperia XZs. I just need a better camera mobile and Android or IOS phone alternatives at work. I just HOPE to see SFOS on XZs in 2018.....

That means my Fairphone II with sailfishOS is for sale again. No way back


* Go read at homepage for full specs.
* Good condition no marks on screen.
* Original box included
* A totally fresh unused cover inlcuded,

I will upload pictures tomorrow.

Notice unofficial SFOS runs flawlessly on FairphoneII as good as JollaC and definitivly faster than Jolla1 and YES it has full BT support in SFOS this is not even the case with the official Xperia X (as of todays date)

Camera is as midrange and better than Jolla1/JollaC but of course never high end phones kills it.

Price: 200EUR(Including the new case worth 30EUR!) + postage. EU/northern only.

I prefer payment in bitcoins. You can use or similar to get bitcoins and then transfer to my wallet.

And.... Don't ask for paypal as payment option. Paypal has blocked me for years just because I switched email address and forgot my password and created a second account (== f.... that company they constantly denied me from remove account I simply HATE that company).

Update pictures

Notice. the new case has not yet been received so no picture on that. I will include the old case also.
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Go librem

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