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You shouldn't be using apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade on a N900 regardless.
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Well you may be right, but quite obviously it currently is,
as the package I have linked resides right in the same repository, that is linked on the first page of this thread.

So symptoms:
-No charging indicator,
-battery always shows as empty or not calibrated
-when off and plugged in, charging indicator lights up for a few seconds, flashes green and goes off.
- (not entirely sure)

Control charge state with "bnf"
Remember to unplug before full charge.


I have heard this often, but how else should i upgrade all packages which aren't handled by the updater? For example certificate updates.
I usually glance over the packages and skip/hold ones which I am not sure off, or wait a few weeks. Also usually I can fix problems, but in this case I can't find an old version.
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apt-get install libbmeipc0=0.8.55+0m5

also do not install clockd and libtime0 bacause this broke time sync with operator
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Originally Posted by Brodyga View Post

also do not install clockd and libtime0 bacause this broke time sync with operator

ten chars
Never fear. I is here.

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