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here is a summary, since I would like to sell these
to someone ideally in one batch, even for resale or whatever need:

1 x nokia n9 blue
- slight moisture damage in the touch screen.
- described here in more detail

1 x nokia n9 black 16GB
- issues: 1 cm triangle-formed crack in the glass around bottom right
corner, doesn't extend to display area or affect its function
- otherwise only normal wear

1 x nokia n900
- summarized here

1 x nokia n95

The phones were basically used until the next device was launched and afterwards stored in the shelf.
Further questions and offers via private msg.

Optionally privacy oriented e-mail hosting at the domain will be available for each of these devices for an additional 20 covering the first year.
The basic subscription covers a username free of choice and 500 MB e-mail storage.
The subscription can be individually adapted to your individual needs.
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To invite more propable buyers to your thread you should change Title to something like "[sell] 6 phones package".
With " no problem" title it looks like spam and will be ignored by many users

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Also more information. Color?
N9 16GB or 64 GB? and so on

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Originally Posted by chilango View Post
Also more information. Color?
N9 16GB or 64 GB? and so on
I'm interested, but need more information if I'm going to spend that much. What sort of condition are they in? Were they used as daily phones or just kept on a desk for dev work? Original packaging? Any accessories? Photos would be great too.

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Unfortunately, I already have too many phones. 1 Nokia N9 blue (waits for me to replace its display; happened to suffer from a hammer, due to accidental falling out of pocket), Nokia N900 (one for everyday use, and there are a few others on the shelf), and even one Nokia N95 ("One of the best smartphones in history on any platform"). Besides others... I am an electronic magpie, especially where mobiles/phones are concerned.

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

P.S. What country/continent are you shipping from?

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