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I've ordered a 64 GB tablet on the Youyota campaign, and a light grey sleeve and keyboard to go with it. However, I know that I have no use for a tablet and would never use it, so I'd prefer to sell it to someone who will actually do something with it.

Red 64 GB tablet:

Keyboard cover in dark blue:

Light grey sleeve for use without the keyboard:

I would sell the bundle once received, the point of this ad is not to sell the Indiegogo order but the actual items when I get them. So if they are finally delivered (and I wish Youyota success), then it's available for sale to those asking here and I will stay in touch with the potential buyer who will pay only at this point, but I am not selling my Indiegogo order now with the risks that come with it (unless someone is interested of course).

I got the order 211, so it should be close to the first delivery batch.

The tablet will be brand new, unpacked, never started (unless the buyer wants me to test it first).

The total Indiegogo order is worth 299 USD including shipping, and I would like to sell it for this price since it will be unpacked (shipping cost is on me).

I have more than 800 posts and have been on TMO for years, I'm not going to run with your money to the Bahamas.

I think I could ask for a refund to Youyota directly, but I'm not sure, and I'm feeling it would be best to try selling it instead of requesting refund that may be interpreted as a lack of interest for their campaign (which is not the case, I do support them and that was part of my compulsive purchase).

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