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QWERTY Keyboard
Prototyp A

Make an offer!
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Damn Elop.
1x HTC Hermes 300 - collecting dust. WinMob. was was pre-Android xda-dev..

2x N900 - both for sale, 1x in mint condition with a qwerty keyboard (with box and all accessories) and 1x in used condition with qwertz keyboard. PM me[/B]

1x N9 16GB cyan, made in Finland - for sale PM me

1x Jolla - for sale PM me

iPhone SE - lost

iPhone 7 - 128GB
Surface Pro 4 M3 - Win10 is buggy...
Lenovo Thinkpad W520 - Xubuntu
Lenovo Thinkpad X200 - Libreboot and Trisquel

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Seeing these prototypes makes me sad.

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Wow, N97 with QWERTY keyboard would have been the dream back in the day.

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25 euro including shipping to Australia? Shipping can be slow, and even lack tracking, as long as it arrives intact.

And yes, my offer is way too low for prototype device with portrait qwerty slider keyboard, 8MPx camera with wide angle of view, and Xenon flash. But I am trying to give a chance to people more interested in Symbian to get it. And I already have a variety of devices in my museum, so trying to keep myself from acquiring one more.
Bumping the thread, too.

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

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