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Not sure if that topic fits here but as the Community part of this forum is more Maemo Community related I decided to post here. If that is the wrong place please move the thread.

Tomorrow at March, 5th the first SailfishOS Meetup takes place in Berlin. I would love to have a regular meeting with everyone intrested into SailfishOS and Jolla.

  • Where? c-base, Rungestr 20, Berlin
  • When? Starting 6pm

If you would like to show interesting apps or ideas join us. If you want to show an idea for a TOH - just come around? You are just interested into Mobile OSS - just join as well.

See also the thread at
-> Join the SailfishOS Meetup Berlin - every first Monday a month <-

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Thanls. This events should be visible in the calendar feed of c-base as well - hopefully next time.
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sounds good, maybe i will come too.... if i dont forget it
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I am interested but ill at the moment.

a regular meeting for exchanging experiences would be great.

i wonder how many people own a jolla in berlin.

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