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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
i managed to get it to hotsync and connected, however, the sync will fail, and the log message is backup synchronization failed.
Backup sync has never worked for me. My solution is to set the "Backup" conduit in HotSync Manager to "Do Nothing". This gets rid of the annoying log message.
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I wish I knew enough to be helpful. Did you check the Access Garnet site FAQs? May not be helpful, but you never know!
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Palm Contacts, Memos & Apps fully Syncronised between PC & N800
I got my programs to work! I found answers in the above thread. Yay! I feel really happy and glad right now, all my frustrations are resolved.
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Aren't you afraid that the garnet vm will eventually expire?
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Originally Posted by drautzburg View Post
Aren't you afraid that the garnet vm will eventually expire?
It expires on May 31, 2010. SplashID is the only thing I need from my old Palm but there isn't anything like it for N900 so I guess I'll have to carry two things again.

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