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Originally Posted by qole View Post
We really missed you, Texrat. Your name came up a lot. Well, your screen name. A few of us mostly just used people's screen names anyway, even in person
Yeah, I think my ears were burning to the frequency of Quim's voice...
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Originally Posted by TA-t3 View Post
Good I wasn't there then.. I must get myself a less SW-robot-like nick if I'm going to the next summit I think.
But robot names are cool, man.

Anyway, you should go for something in 13375ρ34κ, if you have to change it. (More specifically, something other than TA-te; sounds like slang for a potato.)
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Yeah, well, as soon as Reggie adds a 'rename your nick' function!
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Originally Posted by TA-t3 View Post
Yeah, well, as soon as Reggie adds a 'rename your nick' function!
I gave up waiting (and asking) and just wrote aflegg off :-(

Biggest disappointment was losing my October 2005 join date (a whole month and a half before the 770 went on sale).
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