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y dont you just copy all your contacts to your n900 from sim, then insert new sim, then copy back onto new sim... whats the big deal?
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Unfortunately, I need all details and I believe that copying to SIM doesn't care about notes/multiple phones/email....
Maybe I'm wrong?
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You can also try using NuevaSync there is a howto here
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well i tried a python script to convert all vcard details to csv and import into google. but lots of records have blank details. is there a script that can be run on the n900 to update the required fields so that we dont have blank names?

would be great if there is a gui tool that can at least profile the contact info and provide an interface to update the data before export.
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can someone tell me how to transfer all calender entrys to android?

Thx for help in advance
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If you don't mind using Google Calendar you can sync your N900 with Google Calendar using erminig-ng.

I suppose the synchronization of Google Calendar with an Android device should be trivial (but cannot provide any info on this).
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Just had to do the same myself, easiest way is to export contacts to CSV using the Nokia suite, then import it into google contacts, 5 mins
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Originally Posted by lunat View Post
if it is just extracting adsresses:
osso-addressbook-backup -e contacts.vcard
is your friend. is a vcard file so somehow standard(cr lineendings..).

edit: if you want it the other way round and import: -i .

Nokia-N900:~# osso-addressbook-backup -e contacts.vcard
open_system_abook: Cannot open book
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