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that's "new light" to me thanks for the info. But wasn't the N-Gage supposed to be special somehow? Nokia lied?

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Originally Posted by sicelo View Post
that's "new light" to me thanks for the info. But wasn't the N-Gage supposed to be special somehow? Nokia lied?
It was special. I think it was the first phone outputting stereo through headphones, online gameplay with N-Gage Arena and the first and only sidetalking phone in the world

Nokia had so many innovations that were popularized by others.

Oh.........just booted up SSX out of bounds on my 6600

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Does anybody here have experience fixing the power button on a Nokia N-Gage QD?
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Wow I missed this thread. Really loved the first gen N-Gage games, they are true mobile games unlike the garbage now with IAP and cheating. I loved high-seize so much that I still remember. (I played on N70)

N-Gage 2 has only a handful nice games compare with first gen. (Creatures of the Deep, Reset Generation) but still way better than the silly games now.

It's just 10 years and everything changed.

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Ah, the memories. The N-Gage was my first true smartphone and it taught me how phones could be so much more than just a device that can make calls. And showing everyone I knew tomb raider running on a phone was an all to frequent highlight.

I "bricked" my 1st n-gage trying to get an early build of doom running on it (I too have been meaning to flash it), then bought a QD later on. I still prefer the original n-gage.

I'm afraid it has been too long since I last booted my QD up to be of any meaningful help.

Edit: Looking at theallaboutsymbian thread, you could try formatting the card in the N-Gage itself or formatting the card in a similar Nokia device such as the 6230.

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I have a QD.
And a problem, It havent recognize my 2GB RS-MMC Mobile dual-voltage card.
Is this a compatibility issue, or my device is broken?
I've tried all my tricks with gparted, formatted it to FAT, FAT23, tried to full format, quick format, even unformatted, device just blinks constantly the Memory card corrupted message over and over again.
I cant even open the memory card menu, because the corrupted-sign appearing all the time, device is unusable if the card is inside of it.

Many years ago, I've used my N-Gage Classic with 256 MBfullsize, oldschool MMC, and havent experienced any problem with it.
But now, I cannot find any MMC classic cards around, just these RS or dual-voltage stuff.

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