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So I created a new Sailfish OS image for the N9 ( as I see that the latest available is 1.1.2, only I cannot test it as my N9 won't turn on after I used the wrong ubiboot in flashing Android on it yesterday . I won't be able to buy another one to test with until I get my next paycheck in about two weeks, but I just thought I'd share it anyways.

Make sure to follow this guide (and use the right ubiboot ):

Here is my link if anyone wants to test it:!sxA1HabS!J4SgCMR3k...bKkKxa3sMZkN3Y

Thank you vgrade for creating the kickstart file I used for this project.

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Just curious, how did you brick your n9 with ubiboot, so that a cold reflash won't fix it?

Unless you actually had the years-deprecated version 1.0 of ubiboot that used to live on mtd4/mtd5 partitions... but as it clearly says in all documentation you should not use that!
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I would like to give a try...if the telephony function works!
I've already ubiboot with Android.
Btw, there was even an image of Sailfish 2.0 for N9

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I have a N9 with telephony problem and i can help testing if needed

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