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Searching gives me "Unknown error" now ... will test again on a different network as the WiFi network I'm on has proxying and other MITM features.
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Originally Posted by freemangordon View Post
The attached .debs should make it working for you (at least they do it for me )

The problem was in libsoup disabling TLS1.2 and TLS1.1, ....

Hmm, tried for a few hours, to try and make it work. Sadly nothing. I tried app manager, FAP, apt-get and finally directly from your linked debs did dpkg to reinstall .... and still the same issue "Video cannot be played"

So appreciated you already doing an update. Just passing along my feedback.


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FWIW I just used it this morning with the AAC convert script given upthread. It worked well.

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Hmm, not sure I know which one your talking about. Could you add a link or give me a post number?


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