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Originally Posted by bluefoot View Post
Intel lost $4.2b in the mobile / tablet space in 2014. That is how gross the market distortion is and how determined they are to (anti)compete. They even managed to register negative revenue in Q4.
??? If I'm the owner of a company, and I see a need to get my company's products into a particular market, I don't see why I wouldn't use the resources at my disposal to get into that market. In fact, if I didn't use those resources, I'd probably be fired for incompetence.

Moreover, if all that Intel is doing is moving money around, that doesn't guarantee them success. (Sad to say, Nokia is a perfect example here; seeing that they were losing market share to competing products, they abandoned their own internal R&D infrastructure and tried to simply buy their way back into the market...) I would imagine that Intel's success or failure will ultimately depend on their hardware, not on their bank account.

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