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Originally Posted by woody14619 View Post
Ah. Thanks. I think I see where the issue is now?

My understanding was that GA was MCeV members that were not specifically officers. If GA is some super-set of members and non-members, then what defines a GA non-member? And do those non-members have voting rights?

If non-members == garage users, and voting rights in MCeV is extended to all GA then I see the issue (not dissimilar to HiFo's issue noted above). If not, then I need more clarification.

Also, a special note to MCeV and HiFo board members: Check your e-mail. There's a clock ticking that needs to be urgently addressed.
It's simple really;

"GA" = "General Assembly", that's the meeting of the people that are registered members of the association. (and I used it also in the context of meaning the members in general, not just the meeting of the members which it actually refers to)

"Passive Members", that refers to all the people who have some intrest in Maemo but not enough to have desire to actually join the MCeV as members. (Pretty much everybody who is not member of GA bt has Garage account)

There is no special name for elected officials, except "Board Memeber" I guess.

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Originally Posted by gryllida View Post
> Why are you trying to force council elections to be inside MCeV, the idea behind council is to have a rep for associated members so they should elect their own rep. (I was more about the rules not the election)
> 8.4, 8.5, 9.2, 10.2-10.6. our regular members are as anonymous to me as our council, some even more!

These two statements contradict. Either you want to execute rulings of a fully anonymous council or you don't. (The currently active version on wiki says that you do. I wanted to say the same but then saw "I don't like the whole 'anonymous' request towards MCeV" lines and tried to respond to that by suggesting that you trust 1 active member or force a change in council elections - both of these were not a thing I myself wanted but I thought I should offer them to resolve that quoted problem.)
But "Board" does act on the rulings of council, limited to its area, council can change the Association Rules for now, so what Board does is it checks if it is valid and then enacts the new rules but that's about it.

As juice said, GA is the meeting of all registered members of MCeV. Currently we require only proof of identity from members of the board.

"Passive Members' Meeting" is all garage accounts (just to reduce the confusion, it is not all non-members, it is all garage accounts).

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Originally Posted by chemist View Post
MCeV bylaws are all of them, not a single one of them is called bylaws on its own, another confusion by a language that isn't as precise as needed in such case. Someone should probably make this clear on that wiki page as the set of 3 articles/regulations currently have two names on that page.
  1. Articles of incorporation (that is what everybody refers to as bylaws it seems, should change that name to articles of association, sorry for the sloppy translation that was probably me)
  2. Association Rules (in wiki as General Regulations, no idea why but can we stop calling things three different names?)
Updated wiki page accordingly.
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