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Originally Posted by dirkvl View Post
It is the biggest piece of shiiiiiit i have ever seen, about 4cm thick and doesnt pair.
I hope you did not pay much. I have something similar that I bought years ago to go with a cheap Android tablet. Only mine has a USB keyboard.

It works kinda OK but is thick as hell and just as ugly. Luckily I paid only about the cost of three beers.
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I also recently received the tablet. And half a year before that my girlfriend got me this nice custom made sleeve for my birthday. It's a bit tight but does it's job.

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Stand for Jolla tablet shown in #JollaHQ twitter thread.

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Hey fellas,

hope this is the right thread, for it.
I'm curious about the mapbagrag Jolla transform cover, talking about this one here..., offered as a perk during the Indiegogo tablet campaign.

After all the tohuwabohu with the tablet, i'v never heard anymore news about it...sure i could have missed them, more then possible this is.
But occasionally, today i found someone, who's offering his 64GB Jolla tablet from Indiegogo campaign, together with this cover, instead of the Lastucase.

So i thought about asking in here, if someone did have any news about this, or maybe one of the few lucky people who will get their tablet do know something about this, or also get this cover instead of the Lastucase???

Ps.: I was thinking also about getting in touch with the people of mapbagrag, to ask them about possibilities to purchase one in origami design, or maybe let produce a batch of them if possible...
How about lucky tablet owners in here, would there be interest in this cover?
Or maybe someone else already did so and contact them, and could share it's experience?...

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