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well, not a direct competitor, but somewhat comparable.
Looks like they just announced a new bundle / giga pack: PSP bundled with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo instead of the 64 MB at the same price.
(which is somewhat easy for Sony since they have the policy of being competitve or reasonably priced for the basic products, and charge yuo an arm and a leg for accessories).
Well, we still don't know the official Nokia 770 price.
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People keep trotting out the PSP as a competitor to virtually everything. First against the new viPod, now the 770. Baloney.

No touchscreen, no output to TV (despite that ridiculous pyramid device just previewed this week), and what kind of desperate twit is going to carry around a bunch of UMDs?

And I keep reading that the DS is kicking the PSP's butt in sales, even in Japan. Never underestimate the power of Nintendogs!

The more I read of Sony issuing update after update to frustrate its users desire for an open platform, the more disgusted I get. Makes me glad they dropped Palm OS.
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Agree on most what you say.. That's why I said :"comparable", not "competitive". But still, the "soft", or "marketing" issues: the idea of not changing the basic product but adding memory: Nokia might do that as well?; the "magical" price of 250.- (we still don't know).
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Originally Posted by christianhauck
the "magical" price of 250.- (we still don't know).
We do now:


Nothing stopping them changing it, of course - but the $/350 mark seems accurate.
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as long the nokia can play video as smoothly as psp i shoudl approve heartly =]

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psp and ds.... thats fight is history, the psp already won since of a lot of stufff is planned for it like such as gps but i slightly doubt it having gps.

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