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All the docs under are gone.

The tables of content are still there, but if you click any of the links, you get a 404.

Can somebody fix this?
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I just tried 4 links from that table of contents and they worked fine for me.

Oh, one link has failed on me:



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Well, for example, I go to then click "osso.DeviceState" and get a 404.

"The requested URL /development/documentation/apis/3-x/python-maemo-3.x/python_libosso_api/pyosso_devicestate/ could not be found on this server"

osso.Context, osso.Autosave, osso.Application, osso.Mime, osso.Plugin, osso.Rpc, osso.StateSaving, osso.Statusbar, osso.SystemNote, and osso.TimeNotification don't work either.

Interesting, the links directly from work just fine, and they're different URLs... I shall use those.

I'll mirror that locally. It doesn't change.

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