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just found this link in a comment by "jim" on the my nokia blog:

Klick next page to see more screenshots.

For me they are new and look promising. I hope we get some official infos at nokia world in a few days...

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Someone please tell me all this can and WILL be able to run on the N900!!!

Awesome overall design! Kudos to the people behind it!
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This was already posted in another thread earlier.
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loads more on here
the lockscreen is awesome it displays if you have messages and stuff
i'm loving the black theme more than the blue
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You know what i like mostly in MeeGo? I can see some familiar things from Maemo

Look at the GPS and Phone signal indicators cool
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anyone notice it says '4G' on the status bar by the signal where is is kind of grayed out.
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get f**ked!! that device looks amazing !! cant wait
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Looks like the eye candy everyone was whining about being missing on the N900 is there in spades for this new interface. Must say - it has a certain appeal
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OMG that is sexy....makes Maemo5 look real low on the productivity scale. I love how everything else doesn't get pushed off the screen when moving to multitaking view like it does in Maemo5.
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Now we just have to wait for the phone to come out.

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