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I have Google Hangouts installed on my Sailfish X through Alien Dalvik. However, there is no launcher icon for it in my app menu; the only ways I've found to launch it are either to wait for a message to come in and tap on the notification, or to go into the app store and manually open it from there. Is there any way to either "force-show" an app's icon, or failing that, to create some sort of icon shortcut that will launch it?

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I had the same annoying issue with Hangouts, but managed to solve it by finding name of the Hangouts activity and then creating a custom desktop file that calls it. It looks like this:

[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ cat /usr/share/applications/custom-hangouts.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=apkd-launcher /home/.android/data/app/
Don't forget to specify a valid icon, which in my case is located in /home/nemo/software/icons/hangouts.png.

The custom desktop files makes a "Hangouts" icon show up in the app grid & Hangouts can be used as any other native or Android application.
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Thanks, works perfectly!

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